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YOUR Rotary

Everyone functions on 3 levels: What we do, How we do anything, and Why we do everything.

Your Why is your Purpose, your personal values that drive your very existence.  Your Why is what motivates you to change lives, the reason that brings you to Rotary.  Find your fulfillment.  Share your WHY.

“It’s not WHAT you do, but WHY you do it.”

Simon Sinek from “Start with Why”

What is your Rotary WHY?

YOUR Rotary
YOUR Club Culture
  • Club history (…coming soon)
  • Club culture, structure (…coming soon)
  • Club Leaders (past present & future) (…coming soon)
  • Club Finances (Dues, Fund Raising, Polio Plus, Happy Dollars, Roto-Scam, support to your community) (…coming soon)
YOUR Foundation
YOUR Engagement
  • YOUR Individual expectations (…coming soon)
  • YOUR Club contribution (…coming soon)
  • YOUR Leadership Benefit (…coming soon)
  • YOUR Club Service (…coming soon)
YOUR Legacy
  • YOUR Individual Plan & Goals (…coming soon)
  • YOUR Recognition (…coming soon)
  • YOUR Lasting Footprint (…coming soon)